Growing Up With the Plan for Tomorrow

If you are 19 years of age and under you can be a RightStarter. RightStart gives you all the flexibility of a banking account, including an ATM Card, PLUS some really cool RightStart Club benefits!


What is RightStart?

RightStart is a savings account. It is specially designed for persons 19 years and under and is only available at Republic Bank. The account's interest will be calculated on minimum monthly balances, and paid quarterly on the last day of each quarter, in the same period that it is earned.

Savings is money put aside for use at a future date.

Your savings will help you
  • to get that special item that you need e.g. a book, a pair of shoes, etc.
  • to have money at a later date e.g. to buy a birthday gift for Mummy, Daddy, your sister or brother, or even your best friend
In a Bank, your money is safely kept for you, so that no one can have access to it without your permission.

Your money will be easy to access from our 6 branches and 11 ATMs islandwide especially in case of an emergency

Best of all! You earn INTEREST, so your money grows when you put it in the Bank. Interest is money the bank gives you as a reward for saving your money in the bank.
To be a good saver, you must make saving an important part of your life. You have to decide that you want to save, then look at the monies you receive daily/weekly/monthly, and decide how much of it you can save. Sometimes you will find it difficult to save because there are so many things that you want – a new DVD game, a new music CD, a new pair of shoes.

Learning to separate your wants from your needs is an important part of saving. So when you are thinking of how you can possibly save some of your allowance, think of buying one (1) snack per week instead of two (2). You have to make a commitment to save!

Tell Mummy and Daddy about your savings goal and ask them to help you save towards it. So next birthday or for that special occasion, when everyone wants to know what you want, ask for a gift in the form of money.

And best of all, FREE membership in the exclusive RightStart Club. As a Club member, you get special discounts at bookstore, dental clinics, computer store and much more!

N.B. As soon as you open a RightStart account, you automatically become a RightStart Club member. But remember you have to open a RightStart Account FIRST!
So come in and open your account today!

Our RightStart brochure is available for download here.

Here are the features of your RightStart account: Here are the benefits of your RightStart account:

FREE annual statements

To keep track of your account balance

FREE OneCard available to all account holders:

0-9 years old: card issued in parent's name

10 years & older: card issued in child's name

Convenience of 24-hour access to account via the Blue Machine - the largest ATM network locally

Immediate access to funds in an emergency

FREE local and foreign drafts for educational institutions only

Cost Savings

FREE Auto Transfers for payment from a Republic Bank account to a RightStart account.

Making regular monthly deposits to your account is hassle-free

FREE OneCard wallet

Protects your OneCard from damage

FREE RightStart Record Book

Tracking account transactions

Click here to download our Merchant Guide.
  • Interest Rates – 2.25%
What you will need

Before visiting our branches, ensure you have the following documents:

New to Republic Bank and accompanied by an adult

One (1) form of Identification
The adult should bring a recent utility bill and one (1) piece of current, valid identification
Proof of income e.g. Job letter, copy of contract, pay slip
Reference Letter (in some cases)
The required amount to open the account

New to Republic Bank and unaccompanied by an adult?

One (1) form of Identification
Utility Bill; Confirmation of address from parent/guardian
The required amount to open the account

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