Republic Bank Visa Debit

Republic Visa Debit

Why carry cash? With Republic's Visa Debit Card, access your funds at any Blue Machine, pay routine bills and check your daily balance.
The Republic Bank Visa Debit card provides an additional layer of security for your transactions with the inclusion of chip and PIN technology and allows you to:
- conduct contactless transactions at any Point of Sale terminal or ATM enabled with contactless technology
- conduct online transactions
- view your account balance via the ATM
- pay for goods and services at any Point of Sale terminal
Chip and PIN technology

This provides an additional layer of security for your card. At Point of Sale terminals which accept chip cards, you will be required to insert your card into the terminal, chip first, before proceeding with your transaction.

Contactless transactions

You now have the ability to conduct contactless transactions with your card. For transactions up to EC$135.00, you can simply tap your card within one inch of the device and follow the instructions on the screen.

Look for this logo to determine if contactless transactions are accepted. contactless-transaction-symbol

You can also:
  • Withdraw funds at any ATM to a total of $4,000/day
  • Point-of-Sale (POS) purchases to a total of $4,000/day

Sign up for RepublicOnline or the RepublicMobile EC App to have access to your accounts online, anywhere, any time. View your balance or e-statements, transfer funds to any bank or access cash without your card using any Republic Bank ATM when you sign up today!

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