Twenty Students Receive Financial Assistance under the Republic Bank Bursary Programme

St. George’s, Grenada; February 10, 2020: Twenty (20) young men and women are the proud recipients of bursary assistance from Republic Bank, through the UWI - Open Campus Programme. The Bank paid a total of $18,857.00 in bursaries for the January 2020 Semester. This brings the total disbursements for the academic year 2019/2020 to $40,241.00.

On making the presentation to the students at the UWI Open Campus Centre, Managing Director, Keith Johnson commended the students on taking the bold step to advancing their education. He remarked: “This investment will benefit not only yourself, but also your families – and by extension, your country as well”.

Alluding to the potential challenge of studying while working, he encouraged the recipients to stay focused.

The Republic Bank Bursary Programme assists Grenadian nationals who are otherwise unable to study full time. It supplements the UWI Scholarship Programme which offers fulltime study at any of the three UWI campuses. Bursaries and Scholarships are granted based on academic performance and financial need.

February 10, 2020
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