Republic Bank continues to support COVID-19 relief efforts

St. George’s, Grenada; April 21, 2021: Republic Bank continues to support initiatives to safeguard our nation against the COVID-19 pandemic.

Managing Director, Mrs. Naomi De Allie pledged the Bank’s financial support in the amount of $87,000.00 (EIGHTY SEVEN THOUSAND DOLLARS) to Health Minister, Hon. Nickolas Steele.

The donation, made under the Bank’s social investment programme, the Power to Make a Difference (“PMAD”), will assist the Ministry with its public education and awareness campaign, as the country continues in its efforts to reduce the impact of the pandemic on our health and economic systems. In May 2020, Republic Bank contributed medical supplies valued at EC$108,594 to assist the Ministry with relief efforts during the height of the pandemic.

Commenting on this latest initiative, Managing Director, Mrs. Naomi De Allie said: “We are pleased to support our people, through collaborations like this, to ensure minimal impact on our citizens in the fight against COVID-19. As the leading financial institution, we take our corporate responsibility seriously, and are pleased to assist in safeguarding the wellbeing of all our citizens.”

This latest act of philanthropy reiterates the Bank’s commitment under the PMAD programme, which is founded on four main pillars: The Power to Learn, the Power to Help, the Power to care and the Power to succeed; and directly aligns to the “Power to Care”. Since its inception in 2004, the programme has resonated throughout every echelon of society, positively impacting the lives of the youth, elderly and socially marginalized among us.

Responding to the gesture, Health Minister Hon. Nickolas Steele thanked the Bank for its timely contribution, and commended the Bank for its consistent and valuable support, in various areas of need.

Republic Bank is proud of its legacy of investing in the communities we serve as we contribute to building successful societies.

April 22, 2021
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