Learning Made Fun For Preschoolers With Help From Republic Bank

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St. George’s, Grenada; November 08, 2021: Republic Bank continues its drive to make learning fun for preschoolers around Grenada, as the Bank teams up once more with Hands Across the Sea, a US-based non-profit organization, to equip ten pre-schools across Grenada with books and teaching supplies to help the students improve their reading skills, using special teaching techniques.

On Friday, November 05th the Bank presented teachers and students at the River View Pre-School, located in River Road, St. George’s with a stack of books, to start the new academic year. River View is one of five pre-schools selected to participate in a special pilot reading programme. The other four pre-schools are: La Digue Pre-School, St. Andrew, Coast Guard Pre-School, St. Mark, Snell Hall Pre-School, St. Patrick and Saab Pre-School, St. Andrew. They join five other pre-schools which benefitted from the 2020 programme. All 10 schools received a supply of seven big books and eight copies of four titles of each of these big books, to accompany in-school readings as well as at-home learning and activities, with the involvement of parents.

On making the presentation at the River View Pre-School, Manager, Head Office, at Republic Bank, Ms. Mavis Mc Burnie congratulated the schools and students on their selection for the programme and encouraged the little ones by wishing them a wonderful time reading with their teachers and parents. In her words: “Reading, like our RightSTART savings account, which is developed to help teach children like you, to save from an early age, is one of the basic tools for growing up and becoming a well-rounded student. By supporting this reading programme, we are giving you the gift of learning, made possible under our Power to Make A Difference programme.”

Grenada is one of six OECS territories being assisted by Hands Across the Sea which is committed to creating or rejuvenating libraries for preschoolers throughout the region.

Republic Bank welcomes this opportunity to give our infants the “right start”. We wish all the participating schools and students much fun as they start this exciting aspect to the school term.

November 11, 2021
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