Community-Based Organizations Receive Annual Support From Republic Bank

St. George’s, Grenada; February 28, 2024: Republic Bank is pleased to assist some of Grenada’s most deserving community-based partners.

p>In a ceremony held at the Blue Horizons Garden Resort, Morne Rouge, St. George, the Bank pledged cash donations totaling $50,000.00 to 19 non-governmental organizations; including a special one-off donation of $5,000 to the New Life Organization (NEWLO), in observance of Grenada’s 50th anniversary of Independence. Additionally, the Bank announced a donation of 40 used computers to help strengthen NEWLO’s Computer Engineering Department’s capacity to offer its trainees practical demonstrations in the areas of hardware, operating systems and software troubleshooting, as well as self-study programs.

This annual gesture, dating over 40 years, is made possible under Republic Bank’s Power to Make A Difference programme. Delivering the sponsor’s remarks, Ms. Mavis Mc Burnie, General Manager – Operations at the Bank commented: “Republic Bank continues to be a driving force and agency for change in the markets we serve. This includes going outside of our key role as financial services providers and working along with our community-based partners to help bring about social change. As we focus on unlocking the truest potential of our People, Planet, Progress and our Communities, we are determined, yet compassionate in our approach in seizing opportunities to uplift our citizens.”

Assisting with the presentation to the representatives were Ms. Kala Bickramsingh, General Manager – Credit and Mr. Mc Griffith, Manager – Retail Services, Republic House Branch.

Mr. Earl Charles, representing the Grenada Cancer Society expressed the Society’s gratitude for the Bank’s ongoing support and made an appeal to the other community-based groups for greater partnerships and collaborative efforts to help strengthen their various causes. Mrs. Ann David Antoine, representing the Grenada Sickle Cell Association made a special appeal for volunteers to assist the charitable organizations, noting that many representatives served two or more groups.

Republic Bank reaffirms its commitment to doing all in its power to foster supportive and enabling environments to help bring about social change.

See list of beneficiaries below.
  • CHORES Support Group in Grenada
  • Dorothy Hopkin Centre for the Disabled
  • GRENCODA Books and Uniform Programme
  • Grenada Heart Foundation
  • Grenada National Council of the Disabled
  • Grenada Cancer Society
  • Grenada Diabetes Association
  • Grenada National Patient Kidney Foundation
  • Grenada, C’cou & PM Foundation for Needy Students
  • Cadrona Home for the Aged
  • Pink Ribbon Society of Grenada
  • Hillview Home for the Aged
  • Missionaries of Charity
  • St. Vincent de Paul Society
  • Sickle Cell Association of Grenada
  • Friends of the Mentally Ill
  • The Lupus Foundation
  • Rotary Club of Grenada – Quarantine Park Preservation
  • New Life Organization (Special)
February 28, 2024
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