Safety and Security FAQs



Keeping your account and financial information safe and secure is a top priority for us. Throughout the conversion process, we will continue to update you on what is taking place and the steps we’re taking to protect you funds and your account information.


Safety and Security Questions

Our customers’ security and financial privacy continue to be our main priority, during this conversion. The mediums we have chosen to communicate changes to our customers, therefore, will not compromise the safety of their financial information.
These account numbers – deposit account numbers – are those that appear in the account statements you receive in the mail. Deposit account numbers cannot be used to retrieve your funds because proper identification is required in branch to make withdrawals. The risk is low.

Yes. Your funds will remain safe and secure.

Yes, your account number/s will change. You will receive your new bank account number via email or from your branch, please contact your branch.

To prepare:
Please take note of your new account number and card details, when you receive them.
While your new account number(s) will not be activated until the new system goes live, it is important for you to advise anyone with whom you regularly conduct banking transactions (for example: employers for salary/pension payments and incoming wire transfers) of the change to your account number(s).

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