Debit Cards



While the functions of your debit card will stay the same, your bank account number, debit card number and debit card will change. We will provide further updates on your new account, card details and card collection periods as the conversion process moves forward.


ATM Cards/Debit Cards

Yes. You will receive an email invitation and/or SMS message with details on where and when to collect your new debit card, if you haven’t done so already. If you do not receive this email or SMS message, kindly contact your branch to arrange collection.

You will need to bring valid identification in order to collect your new card.

No, we will let you know when you can begin using your new card. At the time of conversion, your current one card will expire, and you will no longer be able to conduct transactions with it. Until that conversion time, you can continue to use your current one card.

Yes. Your account number will change. You will soon be receiving details of your new bank account number via postal mail, email or from your branch. Please be on the lookout for this important information. Your new debit card/s will be linked to your new account numbers.

Please take note of your new account and card details, when you receive them.
While your new account number(s) will not be activated until the new system goes live, it is important for you to advise anyone with whom you regularly conduct banking transactions (for example: employers for salary/pension payments and incoming wire transfers) of the change to your account number(s).

You can either select a new PIN or retain your existing/current PIN to use your new debit card.

You will now be prompted to select your type of account (chequing or savings) when using your debit card. You can continue to access your account in branch or at any ATM or point of sale terminal where the VISA logo is displayed.

Yes. Your new Republic Bank Visa Debit card, with chip technology, can be used at other Bank ATMs. Other bank charges will still be determined by their fee structure and cost.

Yes. Your debit card will work locally, regionally and internationally. Other bank charges, as defined by the respective banks, will remain in effect whenever you use your debit card at these banks’ machines.

Yes. Your card will now expire 5 years from the date of receipt of the card.

If joint account holders had separate OneCards prior to conversion, they will be issued a replacement debit card.

This is not absolutely necessary, but we would like customers to bring their current ATM card as a form of authentication. You are also required to walk with valid identification to collect your new debit card.

If you reside on-island but are unable to collect your card in person, we will make arrangements to assist. Please contact your branch for further information.

If you live abroad and are therefore unable to collect your new card, the card can be mailed directly to you at the Bank’s expense.

Debit cards can be shipped to customers via courier service, upon completion and verification of a signed authorisation letter sent to the branch via email or mail. Please contact your branch, call us on 1- 473- 440- 4725 (4RBL) or email us at for further information.

Yes, Sole Traders will still be issued VISA Debit Cards on their accounts.

Please call us at 1 473 440-4725 (4RBL) or email us at also encourage you to visit our conversion website: and social media pages to catch up on any notices that you may have missed.

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